Jazzou Jones

Professional Pianist With Flare!


JAZZOU JONES loves to play ragtime, and he brings this vintage all-American music to life when his fingers touch the keys! Jazzou has played for over 40 years on riverboats along America’s inland and coastal waterways, thrilling audiences with his dynamic playing style and his engaging personality. Step back in time for some wonderful ragtime piano entertainment performed by one of America’s leading ragtime ticklers!

Since 1978, Jazzou Jones has thrilled many a river traveler performing his one-man piano show “Riverboat Ragtime” on steamboats and showboats along America’s inland waterways. From 1992-2006 Jazzou served as Cruise Director aboard the legendary steamer Delta Queen, directing passenger programs and entertainment as well as performing all along the Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Paul, the Ohio from Cairo to Pittsburgh, and along the many tributaries of these great rivers. Jazzou was also associated for many years with BB Riverboats, based in Newport, Kentucky across from Cincinnati on the Ohio River.

The river has proven to be the perfect performance venue for the wonderful, toe-tapping syncopations of that all-American music form – Ragtime! Not only does Jazzou perform in a lively style as handed down to him from his ivory tickling grandparents, but he has also charmed his audiences with his own rag compositions, “High Water,” (1981), “Paddlewheel Rag,” (1998) and “Ragtime Mary Greene – A Ghostly Two-Step,” (2005).

Nowadays, Jazzou performs regularly for American Cruise Lines on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers where he is also engaged as a speaker, exploring the amazing facts and lore of America’s unique inland waterways.

Please contact Jazzou for his river schedule or if you are interested in booking him for a concert or private party.

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