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Catholic Music Network Reviews “In the Quiet of Her Heart – Songs of the Blessed Virgin Mary”

by Doug Archer

Sometimes you don’t need words to praise God in song. It is enough to hear beautiful music and know in your heart that you feel closer to Him. It is said that one of the best ways to show love to Christ is to show love to His mother. Catholic music is replete with hymns and songs to Mary. Catholic pianist Thomas Jones has collected some of those favorite songs, new and old, that celebrate the life and spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary on his new CD called, “In The Quiet Of Her Heart: Songs Of The Blessed Virgin Mary.” The CD is just instrumental piano of beloved songs like “Bring Flowers of the Rarest,” “Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest,” “Sing of Mary,” “Hail Mary, Gentle Woman ,” and “Mary, Did You Know?” Jones’ version of the “Ave Maria” will bring a tear to your eye with its beauty. The title piece is his instrumental reflection of the uncertain feelings that gave way to total trust and faith in God, that Mary found in the quiet of her heart. In faith she said “YES” to God, and still unceasingly urges us to give our worship to her son Jesus, the Son of God. Thomas Jones’ “In The Quiet Of Her Heart: Songs Of The Blessed Virgin Mary” is a musical form of prayer and meditation on the life of the Mother of God.