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In the Quiet of Her Heart
(Digital Download)




Songs of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Released 2007

In this collection of favorite songs, new and old, that celebrate the life and spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I offer music for prayer and meditation.  the title piece is my instrumental reflection of the uncertain feelings that gave way to total trust and faith in God, that Mary found in the quiet of her heart.  In faith she said “YES” to God, and still unceasingly urges us to give our worship to her son Jesus, the Son of God.

This recording id dedicated to Diane, whose beautiful devotion to Mary is an inspiration.

Cover art: Diane Van Deuson
Graphic design: Cindy Johnston
Recording engineer: Daniel Lewis, Fourth Street Studios, Bangor, Maine
Mixing, editing and mastering: Daniel Lewis and Thomas Jones
Recorded at the Union Street Brick Church, Bangor, Maine
Piano tuning and preparation: Pine Tree Piano Service, Glenburn, Maine

Special thanks to Pastor lee Witting of the Union Street Brick Church
Photo by Michele Stapleton


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(Digital Download)”

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